[Solved] Time of day on HDRI  


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19/06/2015 12:32 am  

Hi. Recently bought some skydomes. Is there a feature giving the time of day with the keyframes in max? I thought that was just linked to the VrayHDRI horiz rotation, but it seems to change the mood entirely. How come, and can you explain this feature?

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21/06/2015 9:45 pm  

Hi Jon,

sorry for the late reply.
The hdri sky domes have a static time of day, which is the time, light and clouds of that specific place. So this cannot be changed. You can only rotate the horizontal direction of the entire hdri skydome, so that the sun / main light comes from any horizontal direction. The mood might appear to have changed, but this is only a result of the direction of the sun. As you can see in the preview images within the previews folder, where we have rendered four main directions to showcase the different results, that the mood might change quite significantly. So, I´m afraid I can´t give you the rule to adjust these sky domes other than trying out with vrayRT or another realtime preview renderer, to find the right setting for your scene.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,


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