CROSSMAP is a 3Ds Max shader that randomly distributes bitmaps on geometry (objects, elements, faces etc.). Just select a folder with bitmaps and leave the rest up to Crossmap. Crossmap creates more variety among visualization projects easy and fast, for example leaves on trees, grass, gravel, stones, flowers, wood fences and many more.

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What is VP Crossmap ?



Crossmap creates more variety in visualization projects by randomizing multiple bitmaps on faces, elements, objects within one material or map. This is very useful when having multiple natural objects (leaves, pebbles, stones, grass, flowers, fences, gravel etc.) where repetition should be avoided. With CROSSMAP, it´s not necessary to create multiple materials for every single variation. Many bitmaps can be easily loaded and automatically assigned and randomized within a scene.

CROSSMAP goes one step further where other solutions stop. Considerung the flexible load filter, the randomization modes, random color variations, input map or color matching, NO OTHER map offer this flexibility and variety that Crossmap has.

Convince yourself with the 14 day FULL FEATURED DEMO.

A Multi-Bitmap


CROSSMAP loads multiple bitmaps from a folder with a breeze. Just select the folder, filter bitmaps you don´t want (by name, format, size or even subfolders) and hit load. When loading, the bitmaps are shown in a list with name, average color and probability parameter. Delete or add bitmaps to the list, change it´s order or change parameters individually per bitmap.

Once bitmaps are loaded in Crossmap, they can be distributed in a scene based on several different methods and algorithms.


Flexible Distribution



CROSSMAP offers different image selection and image selection modes. Bitmaps can be

  • spread in SEQUENCE ORDER
  • or switched by an INPUT MAP

The bitmaps can be distributed on geometry by

  • even VRAY INSTANCES (for grass or hair)

The distribution works with normal objects, but also with scatter plugins like FORESTPACK PRO, MULTISCATTER or CORONA SCATTER.

Color Randomization


CROSSMAP doesn´t stop with multiple bitmaps. All bitmaps can further be varied by color using hue, saturation and value. This way it´s very easy to create random variation with only one or few bitmaps.

Globally Crossmap has color adjustments for all bitmaps together, including GAMMA, HUE, SATURATION, CONTRAST, EXPOSURE and BRIGHTNESS. Using these adjustments makes it easy to create bump, displacement or reflection maps from the source Crossmap using colored diffuse maps. Just copy the map to another layer, adjust the global colors and there you go.


Material Manager and Crossmap Library

Included Library


CROSSMAP includes the new Material Manager Lite Edition, which makes preset handling a very fast and easy task. Material Manager is directly connected to Crossmap so that loading, saving and maintaining presets can be done in a single tool. Forget about missing bitmaps, forget about searching through folders, once you know the benefits of Material Manager, you won´t want to live without it anymore.

The CROSSMAP library includes presets with multiple bitmaps of bricks, stones, leaves, RAL colors as well as scratch and grunge maps for use as reflection or bump layer on tiles for example.

More about Material Manager

Of course you are not limited to the included textures, you can also extend the library with the VIZPARK texture packs, third party multi-textures or your own textures.


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    Aged Walls

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    All Walls Bundle

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    Standard Walls

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    Stone Floors

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Crossmap user interface

The CROSSMAP online reference guide includes a detailed description of each parameter with rendered examples of the most important parameters and their results. For more information, please take a look at the reference guide.

The reference guide is also available through a link from within the Crossmap GUI header.

More information will be available in the TUTORIALS section and the ONLINE FORUM.

If you are stuck, you can also use the DIRECT SUPPORT form and send us your request.

Crossmap - Online Reference Guide


  • 3DS MAX® 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Scanline, Mental Ray, vray (not vray RT), Corona Renderer
  • Forest Pack Pro, Railclone (per object, per element)
  • Multiscatter (Mental Ray and vray)
  • Vray instance support (vray fur)


  • Crossmap plugins
  • Material Manager Lite Edition
  • Texture preset library with bricks, leaves, RAL colors and more
  • Unlimited rendernodes
  • Demo scene 01 – Cobblestone floor with cobblestones texture set
  • Demo scene 02 – Tree leaves example
  • Demo scene 03 – Brickwall example with included old bricks texture set
  • Demo scene 04 – Sidewalk example, with square tiles texture set
  • Demo scene 05 – Pebbles with Forest Pack Pro example

Compare plugins


You might wonder why there are several products doing similar things, like Walls & Tiles, Crossmap and Mosaic.
Here you can find a comparison table that will help to understand the differences and similarities:


Purchase options

You choose: The standard product CROSSMAP, the full WALLS & TILES COMPLETE bundle with all 75 Multitextures or the VP COMPLETE Bundle with ALL VP Products, including Walls & Tiles plus much more.

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  • Crossmap
  • Material Manager LE
  • Crossmap
  • Walls & Tiles
  • Material Manager LE
  • Crossmap
  • Material Manager LE
  • Walls & Tiles
  • Mosaic
  • Stone Floors texture pack
  • Standard Walls pack
  • Modern Walls texture pack
  • Aged Walls texture pack
  • Crossmap
  • Material Manager Pro
  • Omnitiles
  • Walls & Tiles
  • Mosaic
  • Color Extract
  • Automap
  • Stone Floors texture pack
  • Standard Walls pack
  • Modern Walls texture pack
  • Aged Walls texture pack

49 Euros

Standard Version

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+ Walls & Tiles

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Save 150 Euros

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Save 300 Euros

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Version 1.5.0 (September 29, 2017)

* Optimized the rendering performance of VP Crossmap on average 15% more with more core CPUs
* Made viewport map display rendering multithreaded for 3dsmax version 2015 and above
* Allow to store and reload a distribution mapping into an external file especially helpful for some distribution that will otherwise can not ensure a unique distribution over multiple render nodes
* Fixed wrong dialog showing up when newer version is available for download
* Added a “rendernode only” mode in the installer

Version (June 24, 2017)

* Fixed a problem with logging that could lead to a crash in combination with Walls & Tiles

Version 1.4.9 (May 25, 2017)

* Support for Max 2018
* Switched to a simpler and more intuitive licensing system
* Dropped Max 2012 version

Version 1.4.8 (December 13, 2016)

* FIX: Animation support for Coronoa Render causing different maps to selected for each frame
* FIX: Random color modification in new RailClone distribution mode

Version 1.4.7 (September 12, 2016)

* FIX: Wrong Demo License expired message in Walls & Tiles that occational may appear after loading a Material Manager Preset

Version (June 23, 2016)

* NEW: Added RailClone Selection mode. Use in combination with VRay3 and RailClone
* FIX: License Server not starting automatically in 3Ds Max 2012
* FIX: Potential crash when exiting 3Ds Max 2012

Version (May 25, 2016)

* FIX: Distributed Rendernodes might render black since 1.4.5 update

Version 1.4.5 (May 17, 2016)

* NEW: Support for 3Ds Max 2017
* NEW: Default filter option is now included
* NEW: Material Manager 1.1.8 LE
* FIX: Linear distribution mode is missing out texture maps
* FIX: Improved robustness of Crossmap in combination with Material Manager and Walls & Tiles
* FIX: Imagelist can be cutoff when rollouts order get changed from default
* FIX: Make random by probability the default map
* FIX: Reduced the change of floating license getting corrupted, added autobackup
* FIX: Potential mach banding rendering issue on quantized or compressed images
* KNOWN ISSUE: ART renderer in Max 2017 is not supported yet
* CHANGE: Dropped support for 3Ds Max 2010 and 2011
* CHANGE: Dropped support for V-Ray 2.x

Version 1.4.3 (Jan. 13, 2016)

* FIX: mental ray shaders not found in 3ds Max 2012
* FIX: Crash of mental ray in 3ds Max 2015 Design
* FIX: A problem that maps will sometimes disappear straight after loading a directory or individual maps
* FIX: A potential crash when sorting the bitmap list in different manners
* FIX: Potential license 3dsmax crashes during rendering with nodelocked licenses
* FIX: Potential crash when bringing up the about dialog
* FIX: Wrong update message when loaded from a preset that used an older version of the plug-in

Version 1.4.2 (Nov. 17, 2015)

* FIX: Licensefile was not initialized when loading a material containing crossmap without prior assign a Crossmap map in a slot asking the user for the location of the licensefile every time
* FIX: Preview rendering when loading a scene or assigning a material via material manager to a slot without prior assigning a Crossmap map
* FIX: Texture list was cut off when loading a scene
* FIX: All texture maps got lost when loading a scene or assigning a material with material manager that have Random Flip Y/X option ticked
* FIX: Occational crash with using VRay Instances
* FIX: Occational crash with the licensing
* Added license error messages inside the Plug-in UI in the About rollout

Version 1.4.1 (Sept. 23, 2015)

* IMPROVEMENT: Major speed improvements for scene loading, material creation, material library loading and rendering times (when using loads of instances of the map)

Version 1.4.0 (May 19, 2015)

* NEW: Material Manager integration with a new texture / map library
* NEW: Added support for VP Omnitiles
* NEW: Support for 3DS MAX 2016
* NEW: Added online check for new version
* NEW: Changed licensing/copy protection system now allows far more flexible licensing including a floating license model
* NEW: Also allows now a 14 days complete unrestricted trial period
* NEW: Overhauled UI map listing. Now includes individual map entries with more detailed information like significant color, file size, resolution. A click button to show the image in an image display has also been added
* NEW: Added probability setting for each individual map. In the random selection modes this deterimines how frequent or not at all (when set to zero) should appear. The higher the setting the more likely it will be chosen
* NEW: Sorting of maps has been extended to sort also by colour or by probability
* FIX: Not all map changes caused the viewport to be updated
* FIX: mental ray global color corrections: hue, contrast, exposure, brightness not working
* FIX: Random but unique selection was not always the same when used in Walls & Tiles

Version (March 07, 2015)

* Fixed support for VRay3 instances
* Added support for Corona render
* Fixed crash when selecting random but unique first when using an old Crossmap version scene
* Fixed Per face mapping not working correctly in 3dsmax2015
* Fixed crash when using Y-Mirror
* Fixed linear selection underflowing

Version 1.3.9 (May 13, 2014)

* Added plugin version support for 3ds Max 2015

Version 1.3.8 (March 10, 2014)

* Fixed distribution rendering problem with random but unique first distribution mode
* Fixed random but unique first distribution mode not available in 3dsmax 2010-2012
* Added global hue control
* Added global saturation control
* Added global brightness control
* Added global exposure control
* Added global contrast control
* Fixed adding bitmaps in 3ds max 2013/2014
* Changed unique color per map computation
* Added probability weights for Walls & Tiles internal usage

Version 1.3.2 (May 14, 2013)

* NEW: Installer includes 3ds max 2014 installation
* NEW: Added new distribution mode random sequence but unique map first
* NEW: Added limit linear/random selection to similar with a Hue range
* NEW: Added random x/y – offset to source bitmaps
* Fixed more missing material editor rendering not updating
* Fixed name filtering not working correctly in 3dsmax 2013
* Fixed missing maps in material preview when subsequently loading a folder with fewer bitmaps
* Fixed xmap not rendering correctly in mental ray when in bump map slot
* Fixed Texture output has no effect in mental ray

Version 1.2.4 (December 7, 2012)

* NEW: Added sort list function
* NEW: Added VRay instance primitive support
* NEW: Added VRay MultiScatter support
* NEW: Added global output gamma
* NEW: Added maximum files limit filter
* NEW: Added subdirectory loading
* Fixed a 3dsmax2013 crash problem between BerconTile and Walls & Tiles script using Xmap causing the material browser preview to crash
* Fixed problem when using Add files in 3dsmax 2013
* Fixed off by one error when selecting bitmaps that the highest in the list was never selected
* Fix/Allow trailing whitespace in Serial number entry dialog
* Fixed several material preview rendering not getting updated correctly when map parameters changed
* Fixed VRay instance was always rendering black
* Fixed PerElement and PerFace for polyObjects to work correctly in mental ray
* Fixed a bug with maximum files not working consistently

Version 1.1.5 (July 30, 2012)

* NEW: Color Match mode for input map

* Added installer for easier installation

* IMPROVEMENT: GUI improvements

Version (May 09, 2012)

* Fixed problem that not all n maps where distributed but just n-1

Version (April 19, 2012)

* Added 3ds max 2013 compatibility
* Fixed crash when switching to Per Face mapping while no textures are loaded

Version (April 01, 2012)

* Fixed potential underflow in mental ray version in map selection
* Fixed rendering problem when using input map mode using mental ray

Version (March 25, 2012)

* First official release version

3Ds Max Compatibility

3Ds Max® 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Supported Renderer

V-Ray (not RT), Mental Ray (not iRay), Scanline, Corona Renderer


Unlimited rendernodes included


300 MB (.zip file, including plugin installer, Material Manager LE, library, demo scenes, textures, and previews)

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    4 out of 5 Can't go back to (render)life without it!

    After working with the demo for a few days, I bought the full version and it has become an unmissable part of my workflow.

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  2. arch3d

    5 out of 5

    Nice solution for crating vegetation variations. Works perfect with forrest pack.

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  3. tulcarion

    5 out of 5 FANTASTIC!

    This plug-in just do the job! Every time! Unlimited number of combinations for just one texture map.

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  4. rickycorza

    5 out of 5

    At the beginning I had some complications because of something interfering with the plugin, but after solving that, it run perfectly and helping me create more realistic and flexible textures for my visualizations.

    100% recommendable.
    Thank you.

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  5. graham.hawkins

    5 out of 5

    excellent – use it all the time now to get easy variation in cladding/decking etc

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  6. ohearnja

    5 out of 5

    I use this in every model now. It has helped a tremendous amount and helped the renders look more realistic and professional looking.

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  7. filippo.previtali

    4 out of 5

    Very helpful tool!

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    • lesezirkel

      My all time favorite Plugin – specially the distribution Modes working with Vray and Forrestpack/Railclone Setups.

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