Real Shrubs


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REAL SHRUBS is a highly realistic 3D shrub model library for architectural visualization. The library includes 10 different shrub species, each with several model variations to ensure realistic looks. All models are available as 3Ds Max scenes with support for vray, Corona, Octane, Maxwell, FStorm and scanline. The GrowFX version includes additional scenes for further variation, editing and animation using the GrowFX plugin from Exlevel. Real Shrubs is available for 3Ds Max, FBX, OBJ and GrowFX (including all files form the 3Ds Max version).

Included Species

Real Shrubs includes 10 plant species with over 100 different shrub models.


Azalea Japonica
Azalea Japonica - Japanese Azalea

Japanese Barberry

Berberis Thunbergii
Berberis Thunbergii - Japanese Barberry

Japanese Sedge Grass

Carex Morrowii Variegata
Carex Morrowii Variegata - Japanese Sedge Grass


Forsythia - Forsyth

Japanese Skimma

Skimmia Japonica
Skimmia Japonica - Japanese Skimma

Iris Flower

Iridacea - Iris Flower

Red Robin

Photinia Fraseri
Photinia Fraseri - Red Robin

Wild Hydrangea

Hydrangea Arborescens
Hydrangea Arborescens - Wild Hydrangea

Wood Fern

Dryopterix Filix-Mas
Dryopterix Filix-Mas - Wood Fern

Rose Shrubs

Rose Shrubs - Rosacea

Included Plant Models

All 100 Real Shrubs models of the 10 plant species.


    Wind Animation*

    Using GrowFX you can animate plants with wind easily

    All of the shrubs in the GrowFX plugin version are prepared with a wind FX. You can easily animate each shrub with wind, change the wind strength, turbulence and more from subtle to stormy. This feature requires the GrowFX plugin for 3ds Max from Exlevel. More information can be found on the Exlevel website.

    *) requires GrowFX from Exlevel More information …

    Unlimited Random Shrubs*

    Create unlimited plant variations with GrowFX

    All of the shrubs in the GrowFX plugin version can be easily changed with random variation. Simply click on the “New” seed button and a new random shrub will be generated. You´ll never “run short of shrubs” if you can create as many variations as you want. You can even change shrub size, level of detail, growth or other parameters easily within the GrowFX parameters.

    *) requires GrowFX from Exlevel More information …


      Main Features


      • 100 highly detailed 3D models of shrubs
      • 10 plant species with each 10 variations
      • GrowFX presets for further variation and wind animation (GrowFX version only)
      3DSMAX_240x60px logo-growfx CINEMA-4D-240x60px MODO_240x60px fbx-2014-banner-lockup-278x66 obj_553639_i0BJ2
      For supported renderers and required application versions, please check the SUPPORTED FORMATS tab at the top of this page.

      Purchase options

      You choose: The single product REAL SHRUBS, PLANTS Complete or the full VP COMPLETE Bundle with ALL VP Products including REAL SHRUBS and many more.

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      • Real Shrubs
      • Real Shrubs
      • Real Trees I
      • Real Trees II
      • Real Flowers
      • Real Grass
      • Interior Plants
      • Azalea Japonica
      • Real Shrubs
      • Real Trees I
      • Real Trees II
      • Real Flowers
      • Real Grass
      • Interior Plants
      • Real Boulders
      • Real Fruits
      • Walls & Tiles
      • Mosaic
      • Omnitiles
      • Crossmap
      • Color Extract
      • Automap
      • Material Manager Pro
      • HDRI Skydomes I
      • HDRI Skydomes II
      • HDRI Skydomes III
      • Real Grounds
      • Aged Walls
      • Modern Walls
      • Standard Walls
      • Stone Floors
      • Plywood Panels

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      depending on format

      299 – 399 Euros

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      Real Shrubs - Supported Versions, Formats, Renderer

      3DSMAX_240x60px 3DSMAX_240x60px CINEMA-4D-240x60px MODO_240x60px fbx-2014-banner-lockup-278x66 obj_553639_i0BJ2
      2012+ 2012+ R16 901 - -
      - logo-growfx - - - -
      Scanline Scanline Advanced Render Physical Renderer - -
      vray_logo_80x40 vray_logo_80x40 vray_c4d_40 - - -
      Corona_Renderer_LOGO_dark_190px Corona_Renderer_LOGO_dark_190px - - - -
      Octane_Render_logo Octane_Render_logo Octane_Render_logo - - -
      maxwell_v3_positive_300 maxwell_v3_positive_300 - - - -
      FStorm Render Logo FStorm Render Logo - - - -

      (July 17, 2017) – 3Ds Max, GrowFX, OBJ, FBX formats

      • Initial Release of Real Shrubs

      Real Shrubs - Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes, the GrowFX version includes EVERYTHING from the 3ds Max version PLUS the GrowFX scene files for each single shrub.

      No, you don´t NEED to own GrowFX to use Real Shrubs. The 3Ds Max version (not the GrowFX version) has static models, while the GrowFX version includes each shrub as 3Ds Max scene with GrowFX as model source. Using GrowFX will enable you to create more random variations of each shrub, animate growth or wind.

      Well, not necessarily. If you want to create large areas with shrubs, then YES, you should consider Forest Pack Pro from iToosoft, because it´s the most advanced scattering plugin for 3Ds Max on the market. There are alternatives for scattering, like Multiscatter, or even the integrated Particle Flow together with the new vray instancer feature in vray 3.0 or Corona scatter within Corona itself. But the easiest and fastest solution to create large scale forests with many trees really is Forest Pack Pro.

      But NO, you don´t need Forest Pack Pro, if you want to place shrubs individually in your scene, in a garden, on a street or other defined places which do not require large areas of shrubs.


      V-Ray, Scanline, Corona Renderer, Octane Render, Maxwell Render, FStorm Render

      3D Format

      3Ds Max, OBJ, FBX, GrowFX, MODO, CINEMA 4D


      Compressed archives (.zip / size between 50 MB and 3.1 GB, depending on format)

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      What others are saying

      1. Daniel


        (verified owner)

        I am using maxwell but not 3dsmax.
        If I buy the obj/fbx version can you include the mxs. material files for the different plants?

        thank you,

        (0) (0)

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        • Daniel

          (verified owner)

          thanks for the fast reply

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        • VIZPARK


          Hi Daniel, yes, if you buy one of these formats, just send me your order number via support ticket and I´ll send you a separate download link for the Maxwell files.

          (0) (0)

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      2. cadd26

        5 out of 5 Real Shrubs

        (verified owner)

        So easy to use. Materials are awesome. So realistic

        (0) (0)

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      3. mcagle83

        5 out of 5 Another great product!

        (verified owner)

        I bought the VP complete bundle a ways back and have used it extensively on several past projects. So when VP release this library it was pretty much a no-brainer! As expected the product did not disappoint. The base model set has great variety of each species and is all you really need, however I did go ahead with the GrowFX component for future flexibility. If you want good looking plants for your scene that up the photo real factor, just click add to cart!

        (0) (0)

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      4. FrankSilvaHM

        5 out of 5 My landscaping arsenal is much more formidable with these added...

        (verified owner)

        After adding Real Shrubs to my extensive landscaping library, these just took things up a couple notches. I had some pretty decent shrubs, ornamental grass etc that I made myself over the years, or modified other commercial meshes, but these are definitely better. Really top-shelf. It took half a day to convert the FBX I bought into perfect LW Octane versions, but it was worth it. Great variety, and after implementing instance variations to surfaces/colors, these are terrific.

        (0) (0)

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      5. One person found this helpful

        5 out of 5 Great collection

        (verified owner)

        This collection is great adition to plant library, with enough variety and great level of detail it will satisfy highest standards. For those who want to take it even further there is this option with growFX. Also multiple different render engines are supported. For me, they are just fine as they are, enough variety and with forrest pack this is great asset for all kinds of gardens, from classical lush to minimalistic, japanese style…

        (1) (0)

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