VIZPARK beta program

This beta program is a test-and-development-program to help improve our software products prior to the official release. Joining the program not only helps us to find bugs, but also gives you the chance to make sure that the new products are really working the way you want.

  1. Do you have time to test ?

    Beta testing takes time. Most often we realized that beta testers are very interested in trying out new software, but when it comes to reporting problems and suggesting new features, only very few really take this seriously. We only want beta testers who really spend time on the beta products and help us to improve the software. This includes writing proper bug reports that help us to verify, reproduce and fix the bugs. If you don´t want to do this, please don´t apply.

  2. Report problems

    As mentioned in point 1, we need reports from you. If you don´t report anything to us within a reasonable amount of time, we will consider deleting your beta account and not providing you with any further updates. Instead, if you really help us significantly, we are willing to offer you benefits.

  3. Agree to the non-disclosure agreement

    The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) contains rules to keep certain information confidential. As you will get access to pre-release versions of the software, you may receive information about future plans, problems or other information that is not supposed to be published openly. The agreement ensures that this information is kept between you (the beta tester) and us (VIZPARK): —> READ NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT

  4. Wait until we get in touch with you.

    We will get in touch with you either way. If we don´t accept your application, for example because we already have enough testers with the same system configuration, we will send you a response. If you don´t hear from us within a few weeks, you are most likely accepted and we just did not manage to finish a beta version in this time. We will surely get in touch with you when the first beta version will be available.


    If you read and agree to the points 1-4, please fill in the below form to apply as beta tester.

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Do you own any of these products (required) ?
Walls & TilesMosaicAutomapColor ExtractCrossmapNo, not yet

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OmniTilesMaterial Manager

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Which 3D software do you use ?
3Ds Max 20153Ds Max 20143Ds Max 20133Ds Max 20123Ds Max 20113Ds Max 20103Ds Max 2009, 2008, 9 or olderOther (please note in message)

Which renderer do you use ?
vrayscanlinemental rayCorona rendererOther (please note in message)

Which system ?
Windows 8Windows 7Windows VistaWindows XP32 bit64 bit

Yes, I confirm that I read and agree to the online NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT.


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