VP PLUGINS Beta Program

This beta program is a software-test-and-development-program to help improve our software products prior to the official release. Joining the program not only helps us to improve our products, but also may gain you free versions of the plugins and additional benefits (50,- € coupon for all VIZPARK products).


Read about the plugins

In order to find out if you are interested in testing these plugins, please read the online description and information about the plugins. INFORMATION ABOUT COLOR TOOLSINFORMATION ABOUT CROSSMAP.


Check the system requirements

Please check if your system meets the software requirements. If you are not using 3Ds Max 2010 or higher with Scanline, VRay, Mental Ray or compatible renderers, you do not need to apply, as we currently only support 3Ds Max and these renderers with our plugins.


Agree to the non-disclosure agreement

The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) contains rules to keep certain information confidential. As you will get access to pre-release versions of the software, you may receive information about future plans, problems or other information that is not supposed to be published openly. The agreement ensures that this information is kept between you (the beta tester) and us (VIZPARK). READ NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT


Purchase the plugins (for FREE)

You can get access to the plugins through the VIZPARK shop. If you add both to the cart and apply the coupon code BETAPROMO in your shopping cart, you will get them for free (only during the limited beta test period). While purchasing the plugins through the shop, you have to leave your contact information and create and account on the VIZPARK website that will automatically be used for the separate Beta forum. Only if you set up your own account, you will get access to the beta forum (with most recent versions of the plugins) and receive an email that contains the serial numbers.


Download and install

Once you have purchased the plugins successfully, you will receive an email “Order complete” that contains the download link and serial for installation. You can also access the downloads and serials in your personal account MY ACCOUNT after purchase. Please make sure to CHECK THE FORUMS for more recent versions of the plugins.


Report problems, bugs and feature requests

Now it´s time to try out the plugins and find out if they work perfectly for you. You may notice things your don´t like, problems with certain configurations or flaws in the workflow. Please report everything in the beta forums, so we can improve the software until you are satisfied.


Get a €€ reward for your help

Reporting in the forums is very important, not only for us, but also for you as you may gain rewards for your help and support. If you post 3 or more reports / bugs / problems in the forum, you will receive a free version of the plugins when they will be released. If you post 5 or more reports / bugs / problems (not reported before), you will receive the plugins for free plus an additional coupon worth 50,- € Euros (fifty Euros) that you can use to buy any other product from VIZPARK.



Please add both products to the shopping cart and apply the coupon code BETAPROMO to get them for free. Fill in your address information and go ahead with the purchase. After downloading and installing, please join the forums and report your findings.

OK, I´ve read the above steps. Let´s go …