2014 – The VIZPARK year in review

2014 has been a great year for VIZPARK with tremendous growth, new partners, products and events. This timeline is a summary of the most important things that happened throughout the year.

::::::::::::::::::::::::: JANUARY 2014 :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Facebook Likes hit 10.000

January 09, 2014

10.000 is a landmark in terms of Facebook Likes and in January the number was surpassed. Thanks to all our fans!

HDRI Skydomes II and HDRI Complete

January 22, 2014

HDRI Skydomes II added 10 more high quality sky domes to the existing Skydomes I collection and HDRI Complete included both sets for a better price.

HDRI Skydomes II

:::::::::::::::::::::::: FEBRUARY 2014 ::::::::::::::::::::::::

Automap and Automaterial 1.0

February 12, 2014

The 1.0 release of Automap included the Automaterial script to automatically create a complete material based on only one bitmap. The Automaterial script also batch converts a complete folder with bitmaps for even more automation.

Automap 1.0

::::::::::::::::::::::::::: MARCH 2014 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Walls & Tiles 1.3 update

March 13, 2014

The 1.3 update of Walls & Tiles added more features like diagonal mirroring, vray displacement modifier automation, automatic sizing and more.

Walls & tiles 1.3 udpate

Casa Navona Scene

March 19, 2014

The FREE Casa Navona Scene is the first scene from VP to showcase the use of Crossmap and Walls & Tiles in a real project. The scene includes free textures, models and a HDRI sky domes from the VIZPARK range of products.

Casa Navona Scene

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: APRIL 2014 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

FMX Convention Stuttgart

April 22, 2014

We have exhibited at the fmx convention in Stuttgart with our own VIZPARK booth, showing our complete product range and announcing 4 new products to be released later throughout the year.

fmx convention

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: MAY 2014 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Mosaic 1.0

May 13, 2014

Finally the long announced plugin MOSAIC was released as version 1.0. Mosaic is a modified version of Walls & Tiles to create mosaic patterns based on background source maps.

Mosaic 1.0

Max 2015 updates for all plugins

May 14, 2014

Autodesk has again introduced some changes in the SDK for 3ds Max, so we updated all our plugins for compatibility with 3ds Max 2015.

2015 plugin updates

Corner displacement tutorial

May 22, 2014

Many times vray displacement on corners create holes on the corners. This tutorial shows how to avoid these corners and create seamless displacement with vray.

vray corner displacement

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: JUNE 2014 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Interior Plants 2.0

June 23, 2014

INTERIOR PLANTS 2.0 introduced new formats for CINEMA 4D, MODO, LIGHTWAVE and support for more renderers (Corona, mental ray, vray).

Interior Plants 2.0

HDRI Skydomes III

May 27, 2014

Not long after HDRI Skydomes II, the third volume HDRI Skydomes III was released with 10 more skies. HDRI Complete was updated to include all 30 HDRIs.

HDRI Skydomes III

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: JULY 2014 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Real Grass

July 22, 2014

The second plant library REAL GRASS was released for 3ds max, including 122 realistic grass models and grass fields.

Real Grass

::::::::::::::::::::::::::: AUGUST 2014 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

HDRI updates and new tutorials

August 06, 2014

All HDRI Skydomes have been updated with scenes for formats, including Sketchup, CINEMA 4D, MODO and more renderers. In addition, more HDRI tutorials have been published.


::::::::::::::::::::::: SEPTEMBER 2014 :::::::::::::::::::::::

Omnitiles Work in progress

September 08, 2014

Since the development of OMNITILES takes longer than expected, due to some feature additions and unplanned changes, Sneak Peaks were published, showing the progress of Omnitiles.

Omnitiles Sneak Peek 1

::::::::::::::::::::::::: OCTOBER 2014 :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Animago conference and exhibit

October 16, 2014

Every year in October, the animago convention takes place in Germany – Potsdam Babelsberg. VIZPARK exhibited at the convention together with the Medianet partner network.

Animago 2014

Real Trees and PLANTS Complete

October 28, 2014

In October, REAL TREES with 60 realistic GrowFX 3d tree models and 6 forests has been released. In addition, all plant bundles have been released as PLANTS COMPLETE.

Real Trees

PLANTS Complete

::::::::::::::::::::::: NOVEMBER 2014 :::::::::::::::::::::::

Mastering CGI partnership

November 10, 2014

Grant Warwick and VIZPARK started a partnership where customers of both partners benefit with great discounts.

Mastering CGI partnership


November 29, 2014

REAL TREES for CINEMA 4D, MODO and LIGHTWAVE has been released.

Real Trees

::::::::::::::::::::::: DECEMBER 2014 :::::::::::::::::::::::

Facebook Likes hit 15.000

December 08, 2014

The fan base grows … Thanks to all our fans!

FREE Winter Scene give-away

December 21, 2014

As every year, VIZPARK gives away a free gift to our loyal customers and fans. This year a WINTER SCENE for 3ds Max has been published.

Free Winter Scene

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