3D Scanning Artist

VIZPARK is looking for a talented 3D scanning artist who can create professional and photorealistic 3D models. Ideally you know how to capture different types of objects, from allday objects like food, household to ground and plant textures and natural elements and to process them into high poly and low poly objects for use in ArchViz and realtime engines.

You should:

  • Know how to capture objects for processing in photoscan or realitycapture
  • Have good knowledge of textures for PBR shading
  • Know how to process scans in photoscan or realitycapture
  • Know how to UV unwrap and create high poly and low poly models for use in realtime game engines
  • Know how to create 3D models with different LODs and correct shaders in Unreal Engine
  • Be available for online remote work
  • Have good communication skills (english) via email, skype with fast response rates
  • Have a fast internet connection to transfer large files (upload and download)
  • Have a dropbox account for sharing files

If you feel suitable for this position, please send us your application through the contact form and choose “Job Application” as request type.

Please provide references of your work, your technical setup and describe your know-how as precisely as possible.

If you´re interested in a freelance (remote) position, please don´t forget to include your daily rate in US$ or Euros.
If you´re interested in a fulltime position, please include the monthly salary you´re aiming for.

We are looking forward to seeing your application!


What can you expect ?


Working at VIZPARK will be fun … 

WHERE ? You will work at our new office in Hamburg – Speicherstadt, Am Sandtorkai 27 at the M28. This is an old building by the Kreativgesellschaft with 6 floors, including the VRHQ (Virtual Reality Headquarter), HAW and more exciting media companies and people from the 3D, Virtual Reality, 360° and media production areas. Surrounding the office you´ll find nice coffee shops, restaurants, bars (which will open again soon hopefully) and the Elbe with our new landmark Elbphilharmonie.  

WITH WHOM ? Aside of people sharing the same floor XYZ Space in the building (moodmacher and an architect) you will mainly work together with Martin, the founder and owner of VIZPARK. Since the other partners and freelancer of VIZPARK are spread over the world, you will be the first or second employee in the new office, so we´ll be a small group in the beginning. Is this good or bad ? Well, you decide, but starting small means more flexibility, less hierarchies and you have more influence on the future of VIZPARK.

WHAT ? The main goal is to extend the product portfolio of VIZPARK and to create new products for 3D environment creation mainly in Unreal Engine, 3ds Max and Blender, since I believe these tools define the future of 3D content creation. We will work closely together and create outstanding 3D models, scan nature, create PBR textures and stunning visuals for architecture, film and games. So, the goal is broaden the product range from just architectural visualization to video games, film production and advertising. And if you´re into Virtual Reality, you´re a perfect fit, as this is also a very important part of VIZPARKs future.


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