800 Wallberg Ave House | New Jersey, USA

This image is from our latest design and visualization project located in 800 Wallberg Ave, New Jersey, USA.
Architectural design & Interiors by MAS Visual Studio in collaboration with NAG Designs
Digital photography and visualization by NAG Designs
Set-dressing | Foggy snowy atmosphere embraces a little cozy house. The weather: “I’m ready with the snow, who is ready celebrate the new year?”

Grass, Shrubs &Trees | VIZPARK
People | RenderPeople

Tools | Autodesk 3ds Max 2018 – Chaos Group V-Ray 3.6
High resolution: https://goo.gl/NgLw2B
Facebook | https://goo.gl/d9Pn5D
Behance | https://goo.gl/Zj2u5S
Instagram | https://goo.gl/3ys3Tj

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