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OmniTiles December 31, 2018

A great option for use outside of 3ds Max. Would be great to include a utility for extracting individual brick bitmaps from a seed photo of a brick wall.
Evan - avatar Evan
Walls & Tiles Complete (Demo)
Walls & Tiles Complete (Demo) December 30, 2018

So, this pack has a lot of textures. The floor textures are really awesome, but wall ones are not that god. The wall textures have a lot of possibilities, since every shader has something like 12 different textures variations of the same material, but, the joint of this same textures are not that good, so the difference is really visible between one map to another. If VP could fix the joints, than the textures would be perfect.
xfafinhax - avatar xfafinhax
Winter Scene
Winter Scene December 30, 2018

This is a god winter scene. Good models, good textures, good lights, good enviroment. Everything wonderful. It could have a corona version too.
xfafinhax - avatar xfafinhax
HDRI Skydome 33
HDRI Skydome 33 December 21, 2018

Superb quality. 20k resolutiont makes the job. This map gives you very clean and sharp reflections.
Another great thing is that you dont have to waste time setting up the lighting, becouse it's allredy prepared in attached scene.
BKKowalski - avatar BKKowalski
VP COMPLETE December 10, 2018

Came for the HDRIs, left with... everything. And I'm super happy about it! 🙂
The assets' quality is very good and the prize a bargain.
And on top of that: The customer service is a blast!

This was one of my all time favourite transactions!
GKrause - avatar GKrause
HDRI Skydome 28
HDRI Skydome 28 December 5, 2018

Very nice for those late afternoon shots where you want to show off the interior lighting, but also have some of that dramatic lighting coming in from outside.
dwr08 - avatar dwr08
Real Trees
Real Trees December 3, 2018

Good material. Got it for rhino vray 3 and is totally fine. Wish there would be more of those around!
d77coll - avatar d77coll
Walls & Tiles (Demo)
Walls & Tiles (Demo) December 1, 2018

You can manage to easily, not simply but easily produce tiled, seamless textures for walls and floors. I just wished my render engine of choice was supported, but the plugin works beyond fantastic.
aranmor - avatar aranmor
All Walls Bundle
All Walls Bundle November 5, 2018

Great Textures, fast instalation, very happy with the product. Works great with the material manager
Stipan - avatar Stipan
Real Shrubs
Real Shrubs October 26, 2018

Hello everyone,
I purchased this product for artlantis and maxwell studio. I tried them in various scenes and they are excellent, a great realism and simplicity of use.
thanks bye bye
danieleviz - avatar danieleviz
Real Trees
Real Trees October 19, 2018

I bought it for Modo, renders are realistics, effectful, detailled.
Good range of varieties. I recommand!
steve - avatar steve
Real Floors
Real Floors October 16, 2018

This is a really good set of textures, very realistic, photoscanned and totally usable out of the box. I like the fact that the downloads include 8k, 4k and 2k versions, thanks.
John - avatar John
Apples October 15, 2018

This is the best set of apple models I´ve found around for a real good price. So much detail ...
John - avatar John
Phoenix Palm (v2)
Phoenix Palm (v2) October 11, 2018

After 15 years in architectural and product visualisation I have built up a reasonable library of prop models but most aren't quite cutting it by today's standards - especially the plant models. I searched the usual places for better quality models, and even wondered about purchasing speedtree to make my own, but as soon as I saw (and tried) these models it was a no-brainer. What is especially useful is that there are Lightwave versions so I don't need to purchase an interchange format (such as obj) and do my own conversions.
biliousfrog - avatar biliousfrog
Beech Wood Parquet
Beech Wood Parquet October 8, 2018

Well done for a free texture. Always good to see what you guys are doing. Only thing, the bump map needs some work. The block joints look too soft even on "Summed Area" and the grain is too much for a polished finish. There is a balance somewhere in the middle i believe. - avatar
Material Manager Pro - Demo
Material Manager Pro - Demo October 3, 2018

Great plugin! As many of us, we've got a lot of textures finding over years, that could be easily found in seconds with this great tool!
Thanks for your work,... we appreciate! ^^
Origin - avatar Origin
Material Manager Pro - Demo
Material Manager Pro - Demo September 12, 2018

Title says it all. I have some 3,000 textures I've made/collected over the years. And I barely use them since I don't want to bother finding and loading them. Now it's all under one roof. Excellent.
dpolcino - avatar dpolcino
Sidewalk I
Sidewalk I September 10, 2018

This is a good texture, with all of the accompanying files
Anonymous - avatar Anonymous
Apple v1
Apple v1 August 28, 2018

product helps to speed up work with great quality.great model
Sasha Kostyuchkova - avatar Sasha Kostyuchkova
Material Manager Pro - Demo
Material Manager Pro - Demo August 28, 2018

product help in my work.product helps to speed up work with great quality.
Sasha Kostyuchkova - avatar Sasha Kostyuchkova
PLANTS Complete
PLANTS Complete August 23, 2018

We love it. Please add more wild large trees you see in forests and swamp trees and stumps
dvieneira - avatar dvieneira
HDRI Skydomes III
HDRI Skydomes III August 7, 2018

Este pack pude probarlo por un amigo y la verdad que son muy buenos los hdri, muy buena calidad y viene re completo
s1987 - avatar s1987
HDRI Skydomes I
HDRI Skydomes I August 7, 2018

Muy buen pack de cielos y que venga con el modelo max para tener como ejemplo es bastante util!
s1987 - avatar s1987
Real Grass
Real Grass August 7, 2018

Herramienta muy util en conjunto con real trees, muy buena
s1987 - avatar s1987
Real Trees
Real Trees August 7, 2018

El resultado es asombroso, muy realista y sirve con forest pack!
s1987 - avatar s1987
OmniTiles August 6, 2018

Me encanta la idea de que sea una aplicación externa, deberían hacer todos los plugins así, por ahora no se me a colgado, si se me ocurre algo envío por feedback. Gracias!
s1987 - avatar s1987
Apple v1
Apple v1 August 6, 2018

Buen modelo de alta definición y da aspecto a realista
s1987 - avatar s1987
Walls & Tiles
Walls & Tiles August 6, 2018

Resultados asombrosos! muy reales y fácil e intuitivo de usar
s1987 - avatar s1987

Muy buen gestor de materiales! aunque me gustaría que pudiera gestionar otros recursos como hdri o modelos, ya que es muy intuitivo y agradable gráficamente y le aportaría mucho mas al plugin, pero en general muy buen aporte!
s1987 - avatar s1987
Omnitiles (Demo)
Omnitiles (Demo) August 5, 2018

Junto al plugin de walls de los mejores! muy util, me resulto un poco mas dificil de usar pero muy bueno
s1987 - avatar s1987