Balinese Villa by 2G Studio

This award winning image has been created by 2G Studio – © 2014 2G Studio

Honored with the excellence award by the ASAI – American Society of Architectural Illustrators.

Here is some more information on how Walls & Tiles was used for the walls and floors in the project:
2G Studio on WALLS & TILES

Here is an excerpt of what they say about Walls & Tiles:

“Balinese design has lots of tiled textures so there is no way we could have used a big bitmap to do the randomizing and the other reason is arranging the randomizing in Photoshop is really painful to do, too many back and forth which made us loose our breath even before we started. Using Wall & Tiles, we only needed 8-10 textures and we obtained very random textures (hundreds of textures). Vizpark’s Wall & Tiles really, really helped us to save lots of time and lots of RAM.”

2G Studio
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