Featured Artist Interview with Vic Nguyen

Vic Nguyen is a professional Interior Designer and award winning CG Artist from Vietnam who uses several VIZPARK products for his projects. As owner of the studio VicnguyenDesign he works for clients from all over the world.

When did you start to work with 3D computer graphics ? What was the first 3D graphics software you used ? 

Vic Nguyen: My love for 3D started when I was a student at university. Initially I was not familiar with 3D computer graphics and did not really understand how to make use of it. Through a good friend, I began to learn and love 3D and my determination to pursue a career with CG. And guess what, Autodesk 3Ds Max was the first software I got in touch with.

Have you also tried other 3D applications aside of 3ds Max and if yes, why did you choose 3ds Max ?

Vic Nguyen: I haven´t tested other 3d applications, because right from the beginning I learned 3ds Max and never felt the need to change. So for me, 3Ds Max is great. Just recently I started to learn and use more 3D applications, such as Zbrush and Marvelous Designer… to support my 3D workflow.

Did you always plan to work in ArchViz or did you also try other areas like games, advertising, vfx or animation ?

Vic Nguyen: Since I am an interior designer, I´ve always focused myself on architecture mainly. My goal is to grow VicnguyenDesign in the future by providing our services to other clients and offering more services like film and animation. I´d like to increase awareness of the brand VicnguyenDesign among architects, designers and CG artists in the world. So, I have big plans to build a stronger team and lead their direction.

Where are you located in the world ?

Vic Nguyen: I’m sure that many people in the world know my country – Viet Nam, the S-shaped piece of land located in Southeast Asia, where have we have many of the most beautiful caves in the world (Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park). Legendary Hollywood film studios were shooting movies here, for example King Kong. I hope all of my CG friends from the world will visit Viet Nam some time soon – You are always welcome here!

Do you work alone or do you have a team of people who work for / with you ?

Vic Nguyen: I have to say that my first steps were difficult. From late 2012 until early 2015 I just worked alone. I guess the conditions for creating a company and hiring people were not ripe and I wasn´t ready to grow. But now, I have had a great team to work with. My office currently has 4 employees and in the future I´m planning to hire more people, certainly soon.

What inspires you for your work and where do you get ideas from for your visualizations ? 

Vic Nguyen: My love for interior design and architecture are my strongest inspiration which lead me to a career in computer graphics. And certainly I should really mention some of the most excellent CG artist in the world: Bertrand Benoit, Alex Roman, Peter Guthrie, or MIR … The inspiration in my works depends on specific interiors and architects to determine perspective, context, color and mood.

How do you get clients ? Do you do extensive marketing and if yes, what are your methods ?

Vic Nguyen: Finding customers, well, I guess perhaps by participating in CG forums. However, in my opinion everyone participates in forums, so you need to refine your work and work seriously. What would I consider a good customer ? I´m often identifying good customers through the whole work process, so understanding each other and the needs of a customer will help to build a good customer base.

Who are your clients and where are they located in the world ?

Vic Nguyen: My clients are mainly architects and they come from all over the world: USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Australia, just to name a few.

Now, regarding VIZPARK, which products do you use in your work ?

Vic Nguyen: I´m using a lot of VIZPARK products: Real Trees, Real Grass, Azalea Japonica, Real Fruits, Walls & Tiles, Interior Plants… and of course OMNITILES… What I like about VIZPARK products: The models are very high quality, easy and quick to use, which is essential for my work. My clients are very happy, every time I use these products in their projects.

What do you think are the next steps in the ArchViz industry (Realtime, VR, other … ) ?

Vic Nguyen: It is certain: Real Time, VR. That is my next direction …

What are you main 3 recommendations to become successful starters in the field of ArchViz ?

Vic Nguyen:

1. Train yourself to feel good about the painting. You know, there is so much to take care about in the renderings: light, color, distance, the rate … and the story of the work of course.
2. Try to think like a photographer, not a technician
3. And more important: Be passionate about your CG career


Thank you very much for your time and for sharing these answers with us!

Vic Nguyen: Thank you so much, Martin. The interview was very interesting. We wish VIZPARK great success for all future developments.




  • Award of the CGSociety CGChoice 2016
  • Image of the Day on online.2016 3D Artist
  • Runner-up CG Awards 2015
  • 3DTotal Excellence Award. September, 2015
  • 3DTotal Excellence Award. May, 2015
  • Artist of the Month, July 2015 of RebusFarm
  • Image of the week on online.2015 3D Artist
  • Image of the Day on online.2015 3D Artist
  • Best of year. Treddi 2014
  • Best of year. Treddi 2013
  • Inspiration – Trees & Foliage Vol. 4. Cgarchitect. 2015
  • Best of the month. Ronen Bekerman.2013
  • Inspirations on CGrecord AREA 2013, 2014
  • Best member Vraywork.2013
  • Picture of the Week, CGRAMP 2013
  • No 3. CGAxis & CGRecord Christmas Challenge Winners Announcement 2013

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