Your License Manager shows this error message: No Connection to License Service!

This error means that the there is no connection to the VizparkLicenseService, which is running in the background to provide license information to VP plugins.

To check if the service is running, please open the task manager, switch to the services tab, search the VizparkLicenseService and check if it´s running or not. If the status shows “stopped” then right-click on the service and select Start Service. Once the status shows “running”, please click “refresh” on the VP License Manager to see if the connection is working again.

In case the service stops again after trying to start it again, please try to restart your computer. If that also doesn´t help, please send us a support request. Please include the License Manager and License Service log files to the support ticket.

The logs can be found here:

C:/ProgramData/VIZPARK/VP License Manager/manager_logs/mgr_20170529.log (the file with the latest date)
C:/ProgramData/VIZPARK/VP License Service/serive_logs/srv_20170529.log (the file with the latest date)

If you can´t see the folder ProgramData, your settings are not showing “hidden folders”. Just use this string in the folder path %programdata% and it will open this hidden folder.


Need further help ? Please view the frequently asked questions for a solution or submit us a support ticket: