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Over the years, the product portfolio of VIZPARK has grown, to a dimension which is not easy to read and understand anymore. To provide a simpler range of products, several products have been consolidated into less but more complete products and lower prices.




View the New VP COMPLETE
  • VP COMPLETE now has one price for all formats (VP COMPLETE was previously available at different prices for different formats)
  • VP COMPLETE has now a lower entry price for just 249 €. It was previously too expensive for some customers, especially some individuals.
  • Only one VP COMPLETE version for 3Ds Max (The 3Ds Max vs. GrowFX version caused confusion …”Which version should I choose ?” )
  • Every VP COMPLETE now has tools included, either MaxTiles (3Ds Max version) or OmniTiles (all other formats) 
  • VP COMPLETE for Sketchup is available now.
  • VP COMPLETE now has 3 different license types: Individual, Professional and Studio. 
  • VP COMPLETE has more licenses included: The professional license now has 3 software-licenses, the Studio license has 10 software-licenses included. That´s a major add-on compared to the previous version. 



Material Manager Pro


View MaxTiles View OmniTiles View Material Manager Pro
  • Instead of 7 different options for 3Ds Max plugins, there is now only ONE option: MaxTiles
  • Walls & Tiles is now part of MaxTiles
  • Crossmap is now part of MaxTiles
  • Color Extract is now part of MaxTiles
  • Omnitiles is now part of MaxTiles
  • All Multi-Textures from Aged Walls, Standard Walls, Modern Walls and Stone Floors are now included in MaxTiles and OmniTiles (for Windows).
  • Mosaic will be discontinued. OmniTiles is a much better option to create Mosaic patterns now. All customers who own Mosaic can still use it until mid of 2020.
  • Automap will be discontinued
  • Lower entry price: The price for MaxTiles and OmniTiles now starts at just 49 € for the individual license.

MaxTiles combines the power of our different 3Ds Max plugin Walls & Tiles, Crossmap, Omnitiles and Color Extract, plus all of the available Multi-Textures for different types of walls and floors. It´s the all-in-one package for many needs in architectural surfaces.

… in a Nutshell


More products included in VP COMPLETE and MAXTILES


All other complete bundles not available anymore > Now in VP COMPLETE


Products are cheaper, plugins start at 49 €, VP COMPLETE starts at just 249 €


Three different license types are now available for INDIES, PROS and STUDIOS


All licenses are now perpetual – No more subscription licenses are available.

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