Welcome to the new VIZPARK 2.0 website

After more than 3 years it was time to refresh our website and shop. Over the years the site has grown, too much, with some drawbacks in speed and user friendliness.

So finally we updated the site, the server, the Design, and much more…

Here is what´s new:


While the previous server was good enough for some time, it was getting slower and slower with more products, images and content added to the site. I guess you might have been annoyed by the slow loading times as well. I was at least! So the new server provides much faster loading of the site, giving a better user experience.


New Design

While the backend of the shop stayed the same, the front end got a refresh. The previous design was ok, but the new design is clearer, larger and more user-friendly as we think.


Better Formats FilteringVisit Product Overview

Now you can filter by your preferred format, renderer or product type directly from the front HOME page, from the top Products menu, the shop sidebar and the Products overview page. This way you´ll get faster to what fits to your setup.


New Tutorials SectionView Tutorials

While the tutorials are still the same, the overview page has changed. You can now filter by application or product type. And of course we plan to add more tutorials over time.


A better User AccountGo to My Account

The MY ACCOUNT has improved in several ways. First the layout of the tabs is not horizontal but vertical, allowing for more tabs and a better overview. The LICENSES (Serial numbers and product keys) are now separated into a single tab while the downloads are in a single tab, allowing for a cleaner look and readability.


A better User GalleryView Gallery

The user gallery got more renderings from customers and also a filter where you can filter by product type, so you´ll only see those images made with a specific VP product.


A better user ForumVisit User Forums

The user forum is also new, faster and with a clearer design. Thumbnails now show images, so please feel free to add your own images for discussion with other users.


That´s it. Hopefully you like the new site! If not, let us know what to improve:

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