VIZPARK 3.0 – Newer Faster Better – The Website III update includes a new server, an updated shop system, an updated template and many more design changes to improve the user experience on our website.


So, whats new ?

New Server

The website has outgrown the older server, which was being used for over 2 years. The site has become slower and slower, due to higher complexity and more images with higher resolution. Even on fast internet connections, it felt slow. So it was time to upgrade. 

The new server doesn´t have much higher specs, but it´s optimized and improved significantly for speed and security. The security level is much higher now through a special server structure and by using HTTPS everywhere. 

Woocommerce 3.3

Until just recently the site still used WooCommerce 2.6 which was almost a year old. This might sound new, but in online shop systems, this is already old. So updating to WooCommerce 3.3 was necessary and because the site was already complex, we couldn´t easily update. Finally the entire shop runs on WooCommerce 3.3, which offers a much better experience while shopping and managing My Account data.

Flatsome 3 Theme

The whole site uses a template called FLATSOME, which is among the most flexible and versatile themes on the market. We´ve been using this theme for a long time, but could not update to the latest version due to some customizations we made. We adapted these changes, improved and removed unnecessary parts, so we now use the latest theme 3.5 with more features, better looks and faster load times.

With the new theme we switched the catalog to only show products and not the sidebar all the time. The sidebar can be opened with the FILTER button on top to filter by 3D format, renderer and more. The product catalog also has a new infinite loader, reloading products while scrolling to the end of the catalog.

The galleries (USER GALLERY, PRODUCTS GALLERY and TUTORIALS) are now using the template gallery, which integrates better on the entire website and loads faster).

More to come...

We were not able to do all changes we wished, so please bare with us for the next days and weeks where more improvements will be made to the site and products. 

And of course, we are working on new products as well … stay tuned for more soon.

Thanks for reading!



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