Featured Artist Interview with Matheus Passos

Matheus Passos from Brazil is a professional 3D artist and one of the early users of our products. In this interview he shares some of his valuable experience and views about architectural visualization.

Hi Matheus, thanks for taking the time to share your experience with the ArchViz community!

Matheus: Thank you VIZPARK for the invitation and opportunity to talk a little about my work for the world. I am honored to be here with you.

171 House

171 House More images …

Where do you live and work ?

Matheus: Brazil is my country. To be more specific today I am located in Bahia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahia) , the most beautiful region of Brazil. I currently work from my home office and control all activities from here.

Do you work in a team or alone ? 

Matheus: I work together with my wife. At first she was responsible for initiating the first contacts with clients and dealing with legal and financial matters. Now she is also committed to becoming a 3D artist. I’m excited to have her help. However, depending on the demand for projects I also contract freelance 3D modelers.

BH House

BH House More images …

Where are your clients located, mostly in your own country or also in other countries ? 

Matheus: I always try to prioritize clients closer to me, so Brazil is the main choice. But I get proposals from all over the world. Working out of my country is always a greater responsibility. I love challenges.

Boa Vista House III

Boa Vista House III More images …

Who are your clients ?

Matheus: Architects, investors, furniture designers and advertising agencies. My clients look for quality in the final result of the images. Mostly they are involved with high-end residential architecture. I am very proud of my clients.

Boa Vista House IV

Boa Vista House IV More images …

What are the main software tools you use in your daily work ?

Matheus: My basic working tools are 3Ds Max, Vray and Photoshop. To optimize my daily work I use: Forest Pack, GrowFX and VIZPARK Walls & Tiles of course).

Do you create images based on your own imagination or do you get inspiration from other images or photos ?

Matheus: Once I heard, the best artist is one who has the best references. I have learned that even though you have something defined in your mind you should consult to good references.

Brazilian Classic

Brazilian Classic More images …

If yes, what´s your inspiration and what are your sources for inspiration ?

Matheus: Brazil, natural materials, instagram, pinterest and architecture photographers are my main sources of inspiration.

How long do you usually work on a project (work hours and time-frame) ?

Matheus: Well, that depends a lot on the design. Those who follow my work realize that I am always creating new materials and unique objects in the market. In my artistic and business vision I am focused on selling a photographic essay, an artistic vision. With this my deliveries have a minimum of 5 images. On average it can take from 3 to 15 days for diversified projects.

Grama House

Grama House More images …

How do you see the future of ArchViz from a technical and artistic point of view ?

Matheus: VR is the future of this industry. I believe this has always been the purpose. I’m really looking forward to some of the new tools that are in our industry. There are companies that are working with artists to help them perform complex tasks more easily. This is perfect as we can expand our creativity and deliver high quality materials to our customers.

Photorealism or Illustration?

Matheus: Photo realism, there is no doubt !!! New technologies are trying to get closer to reality. I love digital painting and respect deeply the artists geared towards this market. However, I believe that the quest for realism is the watershed of architectural visualization.

House Porto das Águas

House Porto das Águas More images …

Do you think that computer graphics influence the design of architects and if yes, how ?

Matheus: Yes, certainly 3D facilitated the understanding of the projects and encouraged creativity.
It is fantastic what these tools can do today, in addition to visualizing the project may allow you to study its feasibility and simulate physical and climatic conditions.

Have you worked with Real Time technologies or VR ? If yes, what´s your feeling about this ? 

Matheus: I dont have no contact with the tool. My customers are not looking. But I try to keep myself informed of the technology. I think it’s amazing !!!

NYC Studio

NYC Studio More images …

How do you keep yourself up-to-date about the market and technology ?

Matheus: Everything is happening very fast and one needs to keep up to date on what is happening. I’m always looking at the 3D forums as well as participating in Facebook groups and I keep in touch with various artists around the world.

What are you learning right now? ?

Matheus: At the moment I’m focused on creating physically correct materials, as well as developing quality textures and 3D vegetation.
I studied by myself own interior designer, color theory and botany. I am also creating pieces of furniture and products.

Material Studies

Material Studies

Which products from VIZPARK do you use and how do they help your with your work ?

Matheus: Wow, VIZPARK thank you very much for being there, certainly some of my works would not be possible without your tools!
I’m always using the pluguin Walls & Tiles, Textures and 3D Models. Vizpark products are part of my daily work. I have been a user since 201 and I see the new products with great enthusiasm. It’s incredible how much power Walls & Tiles has. I can create quality textures without repetition and change parameters so easily. Certainly these textures make a big difference to a good job.

Scandinavian room

Scandinavian room More images …

What are your personal plans for the future?

Matheus: I have several plans for this year. I am very focused on my particular studies. But the main goal is to leave Brazil. I really want to have the opportunity to know a new culture, new people and new professional challenges. I keep hoping for a great job opportunity somewhere else.


Speculum More images …

What do you suggest people wanting to be part of this industry?

Matheus: First, having love in what you are doing makes your way easier. There is no guarantee that one will succeed, but surely doing what you love prevents regrets. I suggest that you be determined and patient, because to get good results requires really a lot of practice. Choose well the programs you intend to work on. Look around you and try to understand what is happening. As I said: The best artist is the one who has the best references.

VL Office

VL Office More images …


Portrait Matheus Passos


  • Matheus Passos
  • 30 years
  • Brazilian
  • Email: office@matheuspassos.com

WEBSITE: www.matheuspassos.com
VIZPARK: https://www.vizpark.com/profile/mpassos/
Behance: https://www.behance.net/mpassos
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Matheus-Passos-Visualization-260861987272562/

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