VP Loyalty Rewards

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The VIZPARK Loyalty Rewards System gives you money back for being a loyal and contributing customer and user. You can earn Loyalty Rewards by buying products, adding a review, or uploading a material or map to the User Library.

VP Loyalty Rewards can be used for buying products in the VIZPARK online shop, so by contributing you could earn yourself full products, depending on your contributions.

You can spend your earnings in the VIZPARK shop, so you can save money or even get free products. A payout of the rewards in cash is not possible.



10% for every purchase

For every Euro you spend in the shop, you will receive 10 Points (worth 0,10 Euros) back as Loyalty Rewards. So, buying a product for 100 € will give you back 10 € for future purchases.

In the cart and during checkout you will see how much your purchase will add to your rewards balance.

500 rewards for a review

If you are happy with our products, review them and say something nice (and if you are unhappy, let us know through a support ticket). Every review for a product will earn you 500 Loyalty Reward Points.

500-1500 rewards for Presets

If you are using Material Manager Pro or one of our plugins for 3Ds Max, you can upload and share materials and maps in the User Library with Material Manager. For every approved preset we will give you between 500-1.500 rewards. More here…


You can spend your Loyalty Rewards for any product in the VIZPARK shop, up to 12 months after earning the rewards. During checkout, you can choose to apply your rewards to your order. On top of the checkout page, you will see an option to apply your rewards (or parts of the rewards) to your order. If this option is not shown, you don´t have any rewards in your account yet.

Your VP Loyalty Rewards balance can be viewed in your VP Account in the tab “My Loyalty Rewards” when logged in.