The VIZPARK User Library is a free online service for owners of any VP PLUGIN. The currently supported plugins are WALLS & TILES, OMNITILES, MOSAIC, CROSSMAP, COLOR EXTRACT and AUTOMAP.

If you want to upload maps or material presets with the Material Manager to the User Library and share presets with other users, please read and agree to these terms of service.

Uploading and sharing presets

Any preset that is submitted / uploaded to the User Library will undergo a check by VIZPARK. Only presets that meet the VP submission guidelines (see below) will be approved by VIZPARK and published to other users. Simply modified factory library presets will not be accepted.

What are the benefits of uploading and sharing presets with others ?

First, a User Library will only be useful if everyone contributes to it. So if you want to use presets from others, be fair and also upload presets. A growing library will help everyone, as more and more presets will be available, providing a growing library for your work.

Second, every preset that is submitted and APPROVED by VIZPARK will add VP LOYALTY REWARDS to your user account (see below).

Preset submission guidelines

Following these guidelines will improve the chances that the preset you submit will be approved and included into the User Library. Please understand that we reserve the right to reject any preset at our own sole discretion, even though the prest might meet all requirements and guidelines. We will provide feedback on every declined preset to give you the chance to improve and resubmit a preset.

  • 3DS MAX® Version: For best compatibility please save presets in 3DS MAX® 2013 (recommended but not required)
  • Renderer: For best compatibility please provide different versions of a preset for vray, scanline, mental ray, corona
  • Textures: Only use your own textures and NO textures from public sources (e.g. Google, CGTextures and others) (required)
  • Preset Name: The preset name should suggest the looks and purpose of the preset. Only English names are allowed.
  • Comment: The comment field should include a description and tell users how the preset can be used
  • Attributes: Each preset should have at minimum 5 descriptive attributes defined


By uploading and sharing presets with other users, you can earn yourself VP LOYALTY REWARDS, which can be used to buy products from VIZPARK.

Also DEMO Versions can be used to earn LOYALTY REWARDS, which is an easy way to earn yourself the FULL PRODUCTS.

  • 1 new Walls & Tiles MATERIAL (with your own textures!)
  • 1 new Mosaic MATERIAL (with your own textures!)
  • 1 new Omnitiles MATERIAL (with your own textures!)
  • 1 new Omnitiles PATTERN (as MAP)
  • 1 new Crossmap MATERIAL (with your own textures!)
  • 1 new Crossmap MAP
  • 1 new Color Extract MATERIAL
  • 1 new Color Extract MAP
  • 1 new Automap MATERIAL
  • 1 new Automap MAP
    will earn you 1500 Loyalty Rewards
    will earn you 1500 Loyalty Rewards
    will earn you 1500 Loyalty Rewards
    will earn you 1500 Loyalty Rewards
    will earn you 1500 Loyalty Rewards
    will earn you 800 Loyalty Rewards
    will earn you 1000 Loyalty Rewards
    will earn you 500 Loyalty Rewards
    will earn you 1000 Loyalty Rewards
    will earn you 500 Loyalty Rewards

Copyright and ownership

Every preset that is submitted to the User Library has to be a work of your own. This means the included files, textures and parameters have to be FREE of third party copyrights!

YES – You are ALLOWED to upload and share ONLY your own works, textures, presets and parameters.

NO – You are NOT ALLOWED to upload any files that may infringe or violate any copyright by anyone else.

Ownership and Copyright

You, the creator of a submitted preset, are and remain the owner of the preset, it´s included parameters, textures and definitions. This means that you own the copyright on the preset. By German law, this copyright will remain yours forever (unlike in other countries where the copyright can be transferred to others).

Transferred Rights of Use

IMPORTANT: By submitting presets to the User Library you ALLOW VIZPARK to distribute the presets free of charge to other users. You also allow other VIZPARK users to use these presets in their own works, which includes (but not limited to) animation, rendering, visualization and game creation. Redistribution of these presets by other users, except yourself and VIZPARK, is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.


Full version owners can download any preset, unlimited in number and size.

Demo version users can download up to 5 presets per plugin. After reaching this limit, purchasing the full version of the plugin will provide full unlimited access.

Last update: June 06, 2017 – These Terms of Service are subject to change without notice.