Interior Plants

79.00 €

INTERIOR PLANTS is the first commercial 3d plant library with included GrowFX presets. The bundle contains 40 highly detailed 3d models of interior plants in pots for architectural visualization. Each plant has four different model variations, each prepared as mesh, vray proxy and GrowFX model. All plants are available as OBJ, FBX 2010 and 3ds max 2010 scenes with ready-to-render standard or vray materials and multiple textures for more variation and realism.

*All images rendered with 3Ds Max and VRay 2.1

All 40 Interior Plant 3D models


  • 40 interior plant 3D models for 3ds max
  • 10 plants species with each 4 variations
  • GrowFX presets for further variation
  • vray shaders with 2-sided materials
  • vray proxies for better viewport and rendering performance
  • standard materials for scanline and compatible
  • Multiple texture variations per plant
  • OBJ format for Cinema4D, Modo or other compatible 3d software
  • FBX 2010 format for Autodesk compatible 3d software


All plants in this bundle are also available as separate products for each 14.99 €. Purchased individually, all plants would be 149.90 € in total compared to the bundle price of 79,- € ( 47% less ).

INTERIOR PLANTS is a 3d model library aimed at visualization artists. The library contains 40 highly detailed 3d models of plants in pots, to decorate shops, hotels, appartments and more. File formats include OBJ, FBX 2010 and 3ds max 2010 scenes.
Each model is available as mesh, vray proxy and GrowFX* preset with ready-to-render standard or vray shaders, including multiple textures for leaves, bark, pots with diffuse, bump and reflection maps. INTERIOR PLANTS includes 4 variations of each plant with pots that can be interchanged, and vray proxies to save polygons and RAM while rendering.
The included GrowFX 1.8.0 presets* can be used to create more variations of the plants for more variety or to adjust size or appearance to better fit the scene.

* GrowFX is a separate 3ds max plugin from

Additional Information

3d models

40 different plant models of interior plants, 9 different pot models, environment scene


106 individual tetxures, separate leaf textures with variations, bark textures, wood parquet, earth, pebbles, shavings in pots

Materials / Shader

Ready to render standard and VRay materials with 2-sided materials for the leaves (some plants)


OBJ, FBX 2010 and 3Ds Max scenes for 3Ds Max 2010 or higher


VRay 1.5 SP5 and above, Scanline and compatible


3Ds Max scene with GrowFX 1.8.0 presets included for further variation and adjustment

Proxy models

VRay meshes for each plant variation

Poly counts

Poly counts vary between 50.000 up to 600.000 polys per plant. Please see individual products for exact values of poly count per plant model.

Download / Files

1.7 GB (.rar archive) including 3ds max scenes, OBJ, FBX 2010 files, textures, proxy files and preview renderings


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