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VIZPARK is a leading manufacturer and developer of plugins and 3D content for CGI architectural visualization. VIZPARK’s mission is to create innovative, flexible and easy-to-use products for professional 3d artists and studios around the world. Founded in 2011 by Martin Jann, VIZPARK has quickly grown to an invaluable provider of tools and content for world renowned architects and visualization artists. The resulting products regularly push technological boundaries and open up new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike.

Within just 3 years, the product range has expanded from a few 3d models to over 100 products, including material and shader plugins for 3ds max, realistic natural models of plants and decoration objects, multi-textures for walls and floors, as well as photographed hdri panorama images for architectural lighting. While this is already an extensive increase of output for a small venture, VIZPARK has exciting plans and ideas for the future.

VIZPARK is headed and owned by Martin Jann and currently works with 6 freelancing artists and developers around the world. VIZPARK has its main office in Berlin, Germany and maintains a truly international cooperation in a new economy driven by the internet and creativity. The products are sold only in digital format as digital downloads for immediate availability and to save production and shipping costs. Generated revenues are re-invested for further growth or shared with cooperative partners. It is VIZPARK´s intention to stay flexible and react fast to changing market needs to ensure future growth and success.


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VIZPARK is a registered trademark in Germany, registered by Martin Jann on July 15, 2011. Please use VIZPARK whenever you mention anything in relation to this site or the company VIZPARK. Do NOT use VizPark, Vizpark or vizpark.

Solely VIZPARK is the correct writing and spelling!

Application number 3020110387478
Application date 2011-07-15
Trade mark office Germany – DPMA
Registration number 302011038747
Registration date 2011-11-17

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