Enhance by Variation

Enhance by variation is our credo. Working in digital computer graphics, the most tedious and problematic task is to create a realistic look, especially with natural elements. Computers only know “1” and “0” which means that everything repetitive and straight aligned is easy for computers to achieve. The nature is not at all repetitive and straight, every plant is different, every fruit it different, so creating these items in computer graphics is always more difficult. This is where VIZPARK helps with offering more VARIETY in every sense. The 3d models always include multiple variations of a plant or fruit, the textures are multi-textures, meaning they have many variations of bricks and tiles in them for more flexibility and less repetition. And our plugins enable more flexible editing of materials within 3ds max for easier workflows and realistic looks. As a result, this is why VIZPARK stands for more variation in all of our products.

How VIZPARK.com came to BE

VIZPARK.com was founded as a small online shop for 3d models in 2011 by Martin Jann. Before, in 2009, Martin had the idea to create brick wall materials based on multiple randomized bitmaps in a wall pattern. The idea resulted in a product called BRIX™ which was developed by his former company Materialwerk™. After splitting up with his business partner, he decided to continue on his own and founded VIZPARK in 2011. The first products were just a few FRUIT MODELS, but luckily he soon found new partners, a great plugin developer and talented 3D artists from all over the world, including GERMANY, FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM, USA, CHINA, ISRAEL and INDIA. With these partners, VIZPARK published several products for the architectural visualization industry. 3ds Max® plugins, HDRI Skydomes, 3D models and textures now serve 3d artists, architects and studios around the world to create better images and animations. VIZPARK will always strive to push the boundaries of 3D CGI image creation with better tools and 3D content.