What´s New in Omnitiles Standalone 0.9.8

Omnitiles Standalone 0.9.8 update

This maintenance update includes many features which improve working with Omnitiles drastically. A lot of ´small annoying things´ have been addressed and a lot of new features have been added to make your work easier and more intuitive. 

Custom 3D preview

With 0.9.8 you can now load your own FBX model which will be used for the custom 3D preview.

Real World Size

The real world units and canvas size can be adjusted in the preferences to set the units (meters, feet, generic) and canvas size. The preview will then show the resulting full texture size depending on the tiling settings. 

While rendering the final textures, the final real world size can be added to the filenames of the output bitmap textures.

Editor Zoom

For more detailed editing you can now zoom in up to 500% wih the mouse wheel or + / – buttons on the top right corner. 

New Randomization Dialog

The randomization dialog now has graphical icons and sliders for easier editing and adjustment of randomization parameters. 

A reset button resets all parameters to default.

  • NEW – Random rotation by 90° angles
  • NEW – Random UV Shift X and Y


Preview Displacement

You can now add displacement to the realtime preview for more accurate material creation and adjustment.

Drag-Create Rectangular Shape

Rectangular shapes can now be created with click-and-drag. Before 0.9.8 these shapes were created with a default size, so now RECT shape creation is much faster and simpler.

HDRI background blur

The background blur for HDRI will give you a better focus on the object and material itself, while keeping the lighting and reflections sharp.

Editor Multi-Selection 

Holding CTRL will let you select multiple shapes in the editor which can then be rotated, deleted, moved and scaled together. Holding Alt when rotating via mouse-wheel will rotate the selection together.

A multi-selection of shapes can be added to a group together for easier assignment of different types of bitmap or textures.


Edge editing

When editing shapes you can now edit Edges as well.

( before 0.9.8 only vertices could be edited )



UV Randomization Improvements

0.9.8 now includes UV randomization options that will allow you to create a wood parquet floor based on a single wood texture.

Through randomization of UV shift (horizontal and vertical, UV resizing and mirroring, it´s very easy to create a wood pattern with just one wood texture.



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