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Real Trees
Real Trees May 26, 2022

Works fantastic with rhino 6. A great variety and very detail models. 10 + !
Georgios Loizou - avatar Georgios Loizou
OmniTiles December 29, 2021

After trying the demo version I decided to buy the full-version of Omintiles. This tool is very useful to create seamless tiles and floors for my creations in 3DS Max.
Very helpful to learn the functions of Omnitiles are the detailed Tutorial Videos.
Hans-Peter Möhlig - avatar Hans-Peter Möhlig
Pumpkins November 30, 2021

Used these in a halloween/architectural visual. Excellent quality / would highly recommend.
sroberts - avatar sroberts
HDRI Skydomes I
HDRI Skydomes I November 29, 2021

Great quality skies. Work well across a range of renderers.
sroberts - avatar sroberts
Plywood Panels
Plywood Panels November 29, 2021

Good quality textures. Very useful for architectural and product visualisations.
sroberts - avatar sroberts
Pumpkins November 1, 2021

Mighty nice models to have for halloween 🙂 Thank you!
Terje Hamnes - avatar Terje Hamnes
Pumpkins November 1, 2021

A beautiful arrangement. They render wonderfully for 3d prints.
Ed Roth - avatar Ed Roth
Pumpkins October 30, 2021

very good job, beautiful pumpkins for my halloween's renders and scenes
OmniTiles July 20, 2021

After watching all the videos and playing about 2 hours around with the Omnitiles Demo-Version, I was immediately convinced this is the producht I was looking for and purchased it.

The only 2 funktions I am missing so fare is a color picker and a "scan function" like in Inkscape, to easy replicate the shapes from existing pictures e.g. like a pebble mosaic sheet, without tracing every single pebble. Another nice to have function would be to manual-automatically create several different smaller textur pictures e.g. from a big natural stone slab picture.
Bertram Tasch - avatar Bertram Tasch
Interior Plants II
Interior Plants II April 19, 2021

Familiar plants ready to use without need of tweaking. The will surely be used in upcoming interior projects.
Terje Hamnes - avatar Terje Hamnes
OmniTiles March 26, 2021

Omnitiles Standalone is a great solution for me as I use various software for architectural vizualisation.
Terje Hamnes - avatar Terje Hamnes
Pumpkins December 22, 2020

Well done, you've achieved a great result. Colourful and cute.
Rod Cleasby - avatar Rod Cleasby
Pumpkins December 22, 2020

A very good model, the texture, the UV. Thanks for your free offering.
Sakina Masalec - avatar Sakina Masalec
OmniTiles December 21, 2020

It's super usefull and easy to learn and use. Great way to create shaders and bump your visualization assets and images.
Fernando Lardizábal - avatar Fernando Lardizábal
OmniTiles December 20, 2020

A very easy and nice tool for architecture visualisation, I highly recommend it!
Grzegorz Wróbel - avatar Grzegorz Wróbel
Pumpkins December 20, 2020

Really nice Pumpkins models! Good texture maps! Totally worth it!
Fernando Lardizábal - avatar Fernando Lardizábal
OmniTiles August 20, 2020

I purchased the product only yesterday. Looks most impressive. I had already made a special texture with it that I needed. I am missing a tutorial that explains how to make a texture from scratch without using preset.
many thanks
roysgi - avatar roysgi
OmniTiles August 6, 2020

make seamless textures is very convenient.
i use it to make a lot of different kinds of wood floors
thomas - avatar thomas
Real Trees
Real Trees July 24, 2020

Works fine in Blender, easy and quick to scatter. Medium to high resolution. Perfect for creating large areas with tree's.
Nice variety in this collection.
Kliest - avatar Kliest
OmniTiles May 22, 2020

I'm impressed by the possibilities of this program. It the first time that I enjoy to make seamless textures. The program is very user friendly and the layout looks nice. I love the fact that this program is smart to import and export bitmaps with the right type name (normal, bump, ...) this safes a lot of time. Everyone how has ever tried to 'Photoshop' a custom made seamless texture will be impressed by OmniTiles Standalone.
showduction - avatar showduction
OmniTiles April 27, 2020

This is indispansable tools for mosaic and flooring coatings....
I follow tutorial to learn it for 100% performance
Alessio Valsecchi - avatar Alessio Valsecchi
Real Trees
Real Trees April 11, 2020

Models and materials are awesome, texture resolution is at a sweet spot and unlike many other trees, bumpmaps are included. Got this in the VP Complete bundle and the price is a steal.

C4D libraries for content browser included, which I find extremely helpul.
Martin Gruhn - avatar Martin Gruhn
OmniTiles November 9, 2019

Omnitiles standalone
For interior design it is very good.
We use it to customize coatings in bathrooms and retail stores.
We can create textures that show regional resources and materials.
Thanks good work.
Pablo Alvarez - avatar Pablo Alvarez
Real Trees
Real Trees November 8, 2019

It was so HARD to find HD trees which is compatible to Vray/Rhino and it looked great in my renders.
Charley Han - avatar Charley Han
OmniTiles June 27, 2019

Easy to use and can make also complicated patterns.
How about add option to import own design in it?
Hannu Metso - avatar Hannu Metso
Real Trees
Real Trees April 9, 2019

Great collection. I used them in UE4 and they look beautifully. I can only recommend.
bukovy - avatar bukovy
OmniTiles December 31, 2018

A great option for use outside of 3ds Max. Would be great to include a utility for extracting individual brick bitmaps from a seed photo of a brick wall.
Evan - avatar Evan
Real Trees
Real Trees December 3, 2018

Good material. Got it for rhino vray 3 and is totally fine. Wish there would be more of those around!
d77coll - avatar d77coll
Real Trees
Real Trees October 19, 2018

I bought it for Modo, renders are realistics, effectful, detailled.
Good range of varieties. I recommand!
steve - avatar steve
HDRI Skydomes III
HDRI Skydomes III August 7, 2018

Este pack pude probarlo por un amigo y la verdad que son muy buenos los hdri, muy buena calidad y viene re completo
s1987 - avatar s1987