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Beech Wood Parquet
Beech Wood Parquet September 4, 2023

Looking fantastic, I suppose I will use it repeatedly. Moreover, it appears authentic. I find it appealing.
Ahmet Gamgam - avatar Ahmet Gamgam
Birch Trees
Birch Trees July 7, 2023

Excellent quality, love it! I'm using the models with Geo Scatter and Blender.
Florian - avatar Florian
Beech Wood Parquet
Beech Wood Parquet April 27, 2023

Looks great, I used these textures with a floor generator.
Luda Radzina - avatar Luda Radzina
VP COMPLETE March 27, 2023

I bought the complete bundle because I knew I was going to want everything and it made more sense financially to get all at once for cheaper. I use Cinema 4d and Octane and the assets work amazing! There are some tweaks needed for a couple of things but still have not opened them all. So far from everything I opened it has been amazing and great quality! I can see this being a quick and easy way to get killer renders out!
Javier Flores - avatar Javier Flores
Red Robin
Red Robin March 20, 2023

Good quality free model in 10 variations. Thank you very much.
Federico Rolli - avatar Federico Rolli
Ginkgo Trees
Ginkgo Trees February 19, 2023

I used these trees to create a prehistoric jurassic forest. Beautiful! Especially when backlit.
Yannus - avatar Yannus
VP COMPLETE December 13, 2022

These products are as well made and organized as any I've seen over several decades of 3d work. They look fantastic, work well in Forest Pack and just import nicely independently. It's a huge amount of content for a very reasonable price considering what it would take to even build one of these assets, and there are 100's.
RobH2 - avatar RobH2
Red Robin
Red Robin November 14, 2022

Very nice free model, looks great. Thank you very much.
Elizabeth Fielden - avatar Elizabeth Fielden
Garlic Flower
Garlic Flower November 14, 2022

Lovely model looks great in my render. Thank you very much.
Elizabeth Fielden - avatar Elizabeth Fielden
Weeping Willow (v2)
Weeping Willow (v2) September 29, 2022

Models are very realistic. Excellent 3D modeling, I really recommend it!!!
Ivana González Vukovic - avatar Ivana González Vukovic
Red Robin
Red Robin September 29, 2022

Looks very realistic in the render, and you have differents shapes of it.
Ivana González Vukovic - avatar Ivana González Vukovic
White Oak
White Oak September 25, 2022

Used this tree model with Redshift C4D, works great. Thank you! Very good way to test the Real Trees collection.
Olivié Charbonneau - avatar Olivié Charbonneau
White Oak
White Oak September 6, 2022

Before buying another product I could test the import possibilities fbx to cinema 4d. Works perfekt.
Robin Klein - avatar Robin Klein
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom September 6, 2022

I bought the fbx Version and could convert in CInema4d for the use in Octane. The result is very nice. The support was very kind.
Robin Klein - avatar Robin Klein
Phoenix Palm (v2)
Phoenix Palm (v2) July 6, 2022

It is a very detailed, nice model. Easy to use.
Imre Csala - avatar Imre Csala
Red Robin
Red Robin July 6, 2022

Good quality model. And we get 10 variations of it for free. It is cool.
Imre Csala - avatar Imre Csala
Gerbera Flowers
Gerbera Flowers July 6, 2022

A very detailed, high quality model. It is very realistic. Recommended.
Imre Csala - avatar Imre Csala
Weeping Willow (v2)
Weeping Willow (v2) July 6, 2022

The model is decent detailed for me. I downloaded for Sketchup, the vray proxy works well. Convinced me to purchase other products from Vizpark.
Imre Csala - avatar Imre Csala
Real Trees
Real Trees May 26, 2022

Works fantastic with rhino 6. A great variety and very detail models. 10 + !
Georgios Loizou - avatar Georgios Loizou
Phoenix Palm (v2)
Phoenix Palm (v2) March 15, 2022

Rich in details, the trunk and leaves are very well modeled.
congratulations and thank you
Laérte Béttega - avatar Laérte Béttega
Real Flowers
Real Flowers February 17, 2022

Beautiful collection of flowers with great 3d models. Good also with Forest Pack. Thank you!
Dario Pagani - avatar Dario Pagani
Deco Vase
Deco Vase January 24, 2022

This is just as beautiful as other models, very good quality and very nice render result. Thanks
Mahmoud Ibrahim - avatar Mahmoud Ibrahim
Wood Fern
Wood Fern January 10, 2022

The model itself is great and really improves realism of 3d scenes.
However, the materials need an update to the latest Vray 5.x version (C4D).
Markus Schnell - avatar Markus Schnell
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom December 27, 2021

Used the cherry blossom within a courtyard space for an architectural walkthrough. It looks very realistic.
sroberts - avatar sroberts
Real Grass
Real Grass December 27, 2021

Used in a wild meadow setup and worked perfectly for my application - highly recommended.
sroberts - avatar sroberts
Oak Trees
Oak Trees December 26, 2021

The tree models are super detailed and realistic. Perfect to include in any scene.
Hans-Peter Möhlig - avatar Hans-Peter Möhlig
Real Food
Real Food December 5, 2021

Perfect for the 3d-people without gluten intolerance 😉 Joke aside, it's a set very rich in content and from my first impression it seems to be of great quality. Different LODs for the win!
Terje Hamnes - avatar Terje Hamnes
Real Grounds
Real Grounds November 30, 2021

Very useful in architectural scenes. Tile very well. Would highly recommend.
sroberts - avatar sroberts
Pumpkins November 30, 2021

Used these in a halloween/architectural visual. Excellent quality / would highly recommend.
sroberts - avatar sroberts
Real Boulders
Real Boulders November 30, 2021

Great quality and well optimised for use in scenes. Would highly recommend.
sroberts - avatar sroberts