Encuentro Guadalupe Antiresort

The Encuentro Guadalupe Antiresort (formerly titled Endémico) by Gracia Studio is a hotel project located in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, México. The project consists of 20 independent rooms, each 20 square metres, spread over 99 hectares of land. One of the main philosophies behind the project was to respect nature by avoiding direct interference with the land itself, and so each room is elevated by steel supports away from the soil.
I wanted to try a project that combined architecture and environment so I could try and practice both areas while attempting to keep a degree of synergy between the two, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to try this

Modelled in Blender, rendered in Cycles and post-pro in GIMP. Textures and background are from CG Textures. All rock models in the render are from VizPark’s real boulders pack which proved to be ideal for the project as I was able to instance the same high-res object multiple times to save on memory (the large rocks and smaller stones in this image are all using the same model!).

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