VR AR Survey Results

The following survey was sent to VIZPARK customers via newsletter on June 26, 2017. So the majority of participants are 3D artists, architects and smaller studios in the field of architectural visualization. Most respondents are 3Ds Max users using vray as renderer, with some Cinema 4D, LightWave and MODO users.

Surprisingly many have experience in realtime projects for VR already, which I did not expect. But also 360° still images and animation are still being created aside of realtime projects. I guess that all of these techniques will remain, depending on customers needs and available technical equipment. We´ll see how technology evolves, because once VR headsets without cables and inside out tracking will become available for the masses at lower prices, this is most likely going to change.

I´ve linked some other sources on the bottom of this page, for those who are interested in more.

Please leave your comment below if you have more to add or to discuss. This is a very interesting topic I think and I believe it´s going to change our lives significantly, not only our work, in the next few years. We´ll see…

Martin from VIZPARK


    • A simple 3dsmax scene convertor to AR/VR.
    • It seems like you build everything as accurate as possible in MAX, but when go to unity or.. the you have to redesign the whole scene. ( I do a lot of showroom/shop stuff, so placement is a thing)
    • A simple solution for bringing 3d models to unreal
    • Easier workflow from modeling software to game engine
    • Better/smoother import from max to UE4
    • All
    • Everything is ok
    • Asset conversion
    • more direct interface between content creation and visualisation, its surely coming but not really there yte…
    • Speed. Most customers at the moment are not willing to pay multiple days for a vr project. They all start with simple stuff like 360 pano.
    • A good working material app, like Manager Pro
    • time to learn 🙂
    • An architectural toolbox
    • The Integration of VR into CAD-Programm like Allplan. Or easier connection between Allplan and Unreal (easier Allplan import).
    • Money, Investiment, Courses.
    • sharing the vision you have with other when you wear a VR headset
    • realtime vegetation, grass, weathersystems templates
    • Nothing right now, but things do change quickly so who knows about next week.
    • generals models…plants, furniture ect…
    • Agency or clients awareness of technnolgy restrictions and affect on the target audience.
    • everything wireless
    • better integration and material conversion between 3dsmax and unreal engine
    • time and the right project
    • the pipeline integration
    • There’s no client-end demand for this.
    • Fantastic baked realtime lowpoly models with great unwrapping, consists of one object for draw call and a ao pass baked. We make them now ourselves with vray, flatiron and max.


We´re considering to step forward with these topics and support Unreal Engine with our assets. We have been working on some conversions in the past (Real Boulders), but stopped because the Unreal Marketplace was not accepting our boulders for some reason (still don´t understand why). The next assets which would make sense are the All Walls textures and Real Grounds.

If anyone would be interested to help with these conversions, please get in touch !


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